Lake Baringo & Lake Bogoria National Reserves

Lake Baringo & Lake Bogoria National Reserve:….. “The Great Rift Valley Lakes”
Lake Baringo lies north of Lake Nakuru and is a fresh water lake with cone shaped Islands. Lake Baringo is home to an abundance of birdlife as well as Njemps fishermen who go about their traditional work in amazing and unsinkable reed boats. Nearby is the salty lake Bogoria which is full of birdlife especially Flamingos and is home to hot springs too.

Lake Baringo is a perfect breeding ground for many species of fresh water birds, such as Fish Eagles, Verreaux’s Eagles, Darters, Cormorants and a large colony of Goliath Heron. Apart from bird life, there is also a large number of Hippos that live in the lake.

Lake Bogoria itself occupies most of the reserve, which is really a spectacular sight, reflecting searing blue skies and the pink rose of Flamingos. It has significant ornithological interest with over 135 species of birds. Like Nakuru, the alkaline lake waters grow blue-green algae which seasonally attracts hundreds of thousands of Flamingos. The Reserve is home to the rare Greater Kudu, buffalo, zebra, impala, dik-dik and many other small animals.