Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park is a magical park of its own that is situated between the border of Kenya and Uganda. This park lies on the north western part of Nairobi; barely 470kms away. From Kitale, Mount Elgon National Park is about 11 kms drive and it is adjacent to the magnificent Saiwa Swamp. The park takes its name from Mount Elgon which also serves as a water catchment spot for river Nzoia and Turkwel. It was established in 1968 primarily to host wildlife species and it is also designated as a UNESCO Man/Biosphere Reserve.

Mount Elgon being one of the attractions in the park can best be described as being high in the mist-wreathed hills of western Kenya and a towering volcanic giant which is crowned by a vast caldera that is etched by glacial tarns, honeycombed by labyrinthine caves, fissured by valleys and cascaded by streams.

Visitors to Mount Elgon National Park can explore the forest, see elephant caves and also enjoy biking, hiking, and rock on the eighth highest mountain in Africa which is mount Elgon.

Accommodation for this park include:-

  • Mount Elgon Lodge
  • Nyati Campsite
  • Rongai Public Campsite and
  • Chorlim Campsite